About me

I am a Thai painter who has been living and working in Finland. Originally from Thailand born in 1976, grew up in an Arab country Oman from 1986-1997 finished my education in the line of business not art. I am a self-taught and a the daughter of an artist, I been doing art all my life and considered it as a hobby before. I have done a lot of portraits drawing for extra incomes and also helped out my father doing commission art. I traveled to many places and have done so many kinds of career for a living. My passion in art growing stronger as I get older and I have turned over a new leaf and start doing art seriously in 2013. I pursue art career by begin with art education to further and progress myself. I took courses and graduated from one of the Finnish art college in 2015. Nowadays I work in my studio everyday and searching for opportunities to be able to exhibit my arts.

My arts are about symbolism in most positive perspectives. I am very passionate with colors. I paint all the beautiful pictures to remind myself the feeling of being alive. My paintings are based on photographic and digital transformation, the colors and my brush stoke represent my point of view. I focus on the light to express my emotions toward the scenery I captured. I concentrated on bringing out the optimistic visual.I paint everything around me and the ways I paint, illustrate how I see things in life.

I am always curious and questioning things. I love to travel and explore places to widen my perspectives. I like to look at everything in the most positive ways. I believe that there’s beauty within foul and insanity within sanity. It’s like an abstract reflection on both in its beauty and ugliness. My paintings are full of colors to deliberate a positive outcome. I consider painting as a meditation practice, a way to experience peace and enlightenment. I project my thoughts and understanding about the world on to the canvas. It’s not important to understand everything, for those words that have been spoken, are nothing but sound. Those books that we have read are just ink on the papers and paintings that we admired just paint on a canvas. It’s more important what you really see.


Patra Luostarinen b.1976


  • Orivesi Art College, visual art, 2014-2015

Solo exhibitions:

  • Tetrachromacy, Main Library Metso, July 2019

Group exhibitions:

  • Kuhmalahden kesä, June 2019
  • Painting a scene, Galleria Saskia, August 2018
  • Paintings, Orivesi Art College, Orivesi May 2015


Works in collection

  •  Finnish- Russian association, Leo Tolstoy’s portrait, Kangasala Library, 2010


Work experiences:

Portrait drawing 2006-2012

Working as an assistant for the Helsinki Art Museum wall painting project, Fallpakka Kindergarten 2016